Get Completely Bare With A Brazilian Wax Atlanta

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]razilian Wax Atlanta is the only place to go to get rid of your Bikini line. This hair removal method was brought to New York in 1987 and has become extremely popular. Unlike a bikini wax, the Brazilian removes every single hair from the back, sides, front and everything that is in-between. Some women like a small landing strip left in the front, which is a traditional Brazilian wax, but there are more and more clients who want it all gone. Completely bare is known as a Hollywood wax.

If you have been thinking about graduating from bikini to Brazilian there are a few things that you should know before you book your appointment.

Remember to leave at least ¼” of growth so that the hair can adhere to the wax. If you can stand it, a ½” of growth is even better. A few days before your appointment, it is important to exfoliate. This will remove any dead skin and will help unclog your pores. Once you are comfortable in our private treatment room, your esthetician will apply powder to the area which will prevent the hot wax from sticking. Our technicians are fast which means that you will experience minimal discomfort. The treatment usually goes from front to back. After the procedure your esthetician will apply lotion or oil to the area.

First timers may experience some pain, but remember the more you do it, the less pain that you will have. We advise that you take an over the counter pain reliever an hour before your appointment, especially if you have never had a Brazilian wax before. To avoid ingrown hairs and red bumps, scrub and exfoliate every time you shower as this will prevent them from occurring.

Aside from massages and facials, we specialize in removing unwanted hair on the face, legs, arms, chest and back, and if you have been thinking about getting completely bare down there make an appointment, you will not be disappointed.

Fast and furious is fine if you are a race car driver, but should be avoided if you are having a Brazilian wax Atlanta. Quick and gentle is what you will experience at Jazmin Spa. Your therapy will be as painless as possible and you will be amazed with the results.