Stop Shaving and Make An Appointment For A Wax Atlanta

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur spa has been around since 2004 and we offer only the finest products and services. Come in for a facial, or have a relaxing Hot Stone Massage. After a short consultation, our highly skilled staff of trained therapists and estheticians will know exactly what treatment or therapy is right for you. If you are feeling out of sorts, come in for a relaxing pedicure and manicure. There is nothing better than pampering yourself, especially if you have not been feeling out of sorts lately.

Unwanted hair is no fun, and if you are tired of shaving and depilatories you need to have a wax Atlanta. Our estheticians are fully trained and will give you an excellent treatment, and best of all it is extremely affordable. Unwanted hair can cause all kinds of problems, not only is it uncomfortable, but it can cause problems with your skin. With waxing you can say good-bye to shaving which can cause clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

If you have never been waxed before, make sure that you do not shave for a few days as your hair needs to be about ¼” long so that the wax has something to grab a hold of. When you arrive for your wax Atlanta you will be led to a private room for your treatment. One you are positioned comfortably, we will remove any dirt, perfume, deodorant or moisturizer from the area. We will then apply a warm wax directly to the area. Once applied a thin muslin or paper strip is placed directly on to the wax and removed. After the treatment we will apply an oil or lotion to your skin. You can expect stubble free skin for a minimum of three weeks. Some people can go up to six. Regular waxing can actually slow hair growth and the more treatments that you have, the softer your hair will become.

Women are not the only ones who get tired of shaving. Men are getting waxed as well, and it is not just athletes, models and bodybuilders who are showing up at our day spa and getting fantastic results. These days, men are having their chest, back, legs and even their side burns waxed.

A woman’s bikini line is one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and if you experience in-grown hairs and unsightly stubble come in and have a Brazilian. It can actually soften and increase hair growth if you have regular treatments.

Come in and get your brows waxed. Our professional estheticians will give you a shape that suits your face. Waxing is much easier on your skin than tweezing.

There is nothing worse than a stray hair, especially on your chin. If you have been tweezing your face, you probably notice that the hairs grow back faster and are coarser than before. Regular waxing will soften and possibly eliminate the stray hairs all together.